In honor of Women’s Equality Day, Paradigm for Parity® recognizes innovative Women on the Rise.

Paradigm for Parity® Announces 2023 Women on the Rise Nominees

In honor of Women’s Equality Day, Paradigm for Parity® annually recognizes Women on the Rise in our Coalition companies, who are breaking barriers in corporate leadership and showing the value of gender parity, including racial equity in the workforce. In keeping with our dedication to addressing systemic gender and racial gaps and working toward transforming corporate culture so all can thrive, it is critical that Paradigm for Parity® be a part of celebrating these women for their powerful accomplishments.

As we recognize this year’s Women on the Rise, Paradigm for Parity® elevates the examples of these “unsung heroes,” as Paradigm for Parity® CEO Sandra Quince calls them. “They not only excel in their day jobs,” Sandra says, “but also, by example, promote diversity and inclusion and support a culture where all employees can show up, bring their authentic selves, and thrive.”

We’re proud to announce the Paradigm for Parity 2023 Women on the Rise. To learn more about this program and to read full bios for each awardee visit