Paradigm For Parity® Reacts To Supreme Court Decision Reversing Affirmative Action

Today, Paradigm for Parity®, a nonprofit organization supporting member companies around the world achieve gender parity including racial equity, released the following statement from CEO Sandra Quince in response to Supreme Court rulings to reverse affirmative action:

“Our coalition’s member companies hold a range of diverse views and perspectives; nevertheless, it’s important we acknowledge the gravity of today’s Supreme Court decision and its implications on the diversity of the American workforce.

“Today’s decision will have a destabilizing effect on the enrollment of Black and Latino students at colleges and universities across the country. And the implications are far reaching, extending to the workplace where people of color, particularly women of color, have been historically excluded. The decision sets in motion the reversal of important progress made in creating a more equitable society, combating systemic barriers, and fostering diversity. Over the next few days and weeks, we will continue to provide information on the way various coalition member businesses are approaching and responding to today’s decision.

“As a nonprofit organization founded and operated by a group of women executives, Paradigm for Parity will continue to advance equity in the corporate workplace and create inclusive environments where all are able to succeed, thrive and advance – and that starts with our educational institutions. We will support the growth of women from all racial, demographic, sexual orientation, and professional backgrounds, and provide companies with the resources to address the issues that impact them.”