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Building Wealth through Entrepreneurship: CEO Sandra Quince talks with IFEL’s Jill Johnson

In recognition of Financial Literacy Month, Paradigm for Parity® Coalition CEO Sandra Quince recently hosted a LinkedIn Live conversation with Jill Johnson, Chief Executive Officer of the Institute for Entrepreneurial Leadership, focused on how women in entrepreneurship can create wealth through business ownership.

During the Q and A session, Quince and Johnson discussed what it means to be an entrepreneur and how advancing diversity can impact business leadership and innovation.

Speaking to what entrepreneurship means to her, Johnson highlighted how entrepreneurs can “lift as they climb” to support women of color in the workplace: “I believe that it’s about creating a culture and climate of support. We have to be willing to show each other grace. There are times we will struggle — I have four children, and I remember the days that it was tough to just [attend] a meeting. We have to be willing to support each other.”

Johnson also spoke about the value of collaboration for entrepreneurs: “More of us would be better off if we came together and worked together to be able to take on bigger projects, looking at the bigger vision when working together. It’s about collaboration and being supportive.”

Johnson advised that companies can play a significant role in the financial wellness of female entrepreneurs. “When searching for suppliers, buy from women, a Black woman, a Latino woman, anyone who isn’t the normal big supplier,” she said. “Just give people an opportunity, that’s what it’s about.”

When discussing her own early career experiences, Johnson offered advice to young women of color in the workplace: “Be fearless. It’s not how I grew up — I was constantly in fear of asking for help or being imperfect. My drive was always to be perfect. It holds you back.”

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