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Paradigm for Parity’s Center for Action

The Center for Action connects Paradigm for Parity coalition members to a powerful consortium of partners accelerating progress in advancing women across all levels of business leadership. We embrace partnership and collaboration as the way forward on the #pathtoparity. We can’t do this work alone and our partners enable members to deepen their efforts through these extended service providers. The Center for Action gives our member companies special benefits and access to our partners, who are among the very best experts and most impassioned advocates for women in the corporate workplace. They work with everyone from young women entering college to seasoned business executives, offering services ranging from powerful executive coaching, leadership development, and sponsorship training to holistic strategies in transforming corporate ecosystems. Our curated partners in the Center for Action will evolve and expand over time—and we can’t wait to discover what breakthroughs lie ahead. We hope you’ll join us!

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Look for announcements from Paradigm for Parity as we expand the Center for Action to include new aligned partnerships that support your efforts.