Defining Parity

Closing the Gender Gap in Business Leadership

Parity Definition: (noun) the quality or state of being equal
Gender parity starts with 50/50 equal representation of men and women in the workplace. True gender equality goes beyond the numbers.

True Gender Parity is
Representation AND


A corporate culture that provides all women equal access to opportunities to rise and thrive.


An environment where women in leadership stay because they have the support and benefits to meet their individual needs.


Intentional focus by companies on racial equity within all initiatives.


When companies continuously work to minimize unconscious bias.


Parity grows from strong mentorship and sponsorship programs for all employees.


Engage suppliers that uphold the same values of diversity and equality.

Close the Gender Gap

Paradigm for Parity helps businesses accelerate their progress towards gender equality including racial equity. Members in the Paradigm for Parity coalition gain access to diversity and inclusion strategies, discussions, exclusive services through our Center for Action, and off-the-shelf resources and tools for corporate culture transformation.

How to Improve Gender Equality in Corporate Culture:

Be Inclusive

Make gender parity a key component of any diversity, equity, and inclusion strategy. Honestly examine and address racial equity gaps that may exist.

Tackle Bias

Regular unconscious bias training can help managers and leaders value diversity instead of merely accommodating it—because greater diversity leads to better corporate performance.

Build Allyship

Create a safe space for all allies by providing opportunities and tools for open dialog about gender inequality and discrimination in the workplace.

Retain Talent

Examine employee benefits packages and talent retention strategies. Find ways to add value for women, address pay gaps, and build pathways for growth.

Develop Leadership

Reward qualified, high-performing women with leadership roles, then support them in those positions. Provide opportunities for women to develop leadership skills, ensuring that they have what they need to succeed in senior operational roles and the C-Suite.

Prioritize Sponsorship

Sponsorship, even more than mentorship programs, can accelerate career development for women. Invest in mentorship programs and sponsorship programs for women at all career levels.

Provide Flexibility

Reward employees based on their performance, not their presence in the workplace. Find ways to work more flexibly to meet the needs of all employees.

Communicate Frequently

Set aspirational goals to close the gender gap, and then provide regular, transparent communication on your progress.

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Gender Parity Programs

Paradigm for Parity offers key resources to advance women in the workplace, including:

Profit & Loss Leadership Accelerator Program

A signature leadership development course for women designed to fast-track women into senior operating roles that eventually lead to the C-Suite. Participants gain access to executive coaching, mentorship / sponsorship, and leadership skills. The program is open to all.

The Paradigm for Parity Center for Action

A resource hub connecting members to a powerful consortium of partners, who are among the very best experts and service providers to transform corporate ecosystems.

Courageous Conversations

DEI toolkits and guides provide “how to” direction for executives and leaders to address gender equity and racism in the workplace. Provide opportunities for employees to engage in directed conversations in small groups, and participate in a panel discussion series.


A guide for senior leaders and managers to improve retention. Use to host conversations with key talent to increase talent retention and development.


In this future leaders development program, women can learn leadership skills, build relationships, and increase opportunities for sponsorship, a critical complement to mentorship.

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