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Parity Matters Paradigm for Parity teams with LiveGirl
Parity Matters Paradigm for Parity teams with TONE Networks
Parity Matters Paradigm for Parity® Profit & Loss Leadership Accelerator Class of 2023
Women are the global economy’s most formidable asset, yet their potential remains astonishingly underutilized. Hiring and promoting more women isn’t just a matter of gender equity, it’s also a smart business move that drives innovation, enhances creativity, and fosters growth. Women bring a unique perspective to the table and companies that embrace diversity gain a […]
Parity Matters Paradigm For Parity® Reacts To Supreme Court Decision Reversing Affirmative Action
Today, Paradigm for Parity®, a nonprofit organization supporting member companies around the world achieve gender parity including racial equity, released the following statement from CEO Sandra Quince in response to Supreme Court rulings to reverse affirmative action: “Our coalition’s member companies hold a range of diverse views and perspectives; nevertheless, it’s important we acknowledge the […]
Parity Matters Paradigm for Parity® Spotlight Series: Voya Financial & Council for Economic Education
The Paradigm for Parity® coalition Spotlight Series showcases member companies who are transforming their corporate culture to be one that advances women of all races, cultures, and backgrounds. This month, in honor of National Financial Literacy Month, Paradigm for Parity (P4) speaks with Braeden Mayrisch, Vice President of Stakeholder Equity and Impact at Voya Financial, […]
Parity Matters Paradigm for Parity Goes Beyond Women's History Month
By Debbie First, Early P4P Member This Women’s History Month, I am excited to celebrate the strides society has made on the path to parity and the efforts of Paradigm for Parity® (P4P) to continue progress for all women.  I was an early member of P4P, and now, it’s a global coalition of over 140 […]
Parity Matters A message from Paradigm for Parity CEO, Sandra Quince during Black History Month
This February, Paradigm for Parity celebrated Black History Month by highlighting the barriers Black women face both in and out of the workplace.  As a Black woman who has worked in finance, diversity, equity, and inclusion for the majority of my career, I’ve seen firsthand how intentional equity efforts can transform the lives of marginalized […]